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Where do squirrels live in the winter?

Some animals hibernate, or sleep, the whole winter away. Some animals do not sleep the whole winter, however. These animals sleep most of the time, but from time to time when the weather is warmer, they wake and hunt for food. Then they return to their naps.

Chipmunks are nappers. They burrow tunnels deep in the ground for winter homes. Here they store the nuts and seeds that they have gathered for the winter. On top of their supply of food they build a bed of grass and leaves. Here they curl up and sleep most of the winter. On a bright and sunny winter day the chipmunk might wake and take a look at the world outside.

Squirrels also nap the winter away. Most squirrels build nests of warm leaves high up in trees to sleep away the winter. On a warm winter day the squirrel wakes to look for the little stores of nuts he buried away for his winter snacks.

Bats, skunks, bears, and snakes all hibernate for the winter. When animals hibernate their heart rate slows down and and so does their rate of breathing. This helps the animal to live off the food supplies stored in their bodies for their long winter sleep.

Bats hibernate in caves with thousands of other bats, all hanging upside down from nooks and ledges deep within the cave. The bat's body temperature gets almost as low as the air in the cave so it is important that they choose a cave where the temperature does not get to the freezing level.

Snakes crawl into caves, hollow logs, or other animal's burrows to hibernate. Sometimes there will be as many as a hundred snakes in one cave.

Female skunks burrow together for their long winter hibernation. Male skunks hibernate alone. They often burrow under houses or barns to stay dry and warm for the winter.

Bears eat all spring, summer, and fall to get ready for winter. They usually try to hibernate in caves but will choose any place where there is some protection from the weather. While the female bear sleeps her cubs are born. They burrow into their mother's fur and stay there until spring.

Turtles and frogs also hibernate in the winter. Turtles that live in the water and frogs usually burrow into the muddy bottom of the pond to hibernate. Land turtles usually hibernate in other animal's burrows. Their shell helps to protect them from the cold. Fish sink to the bottom of frozen lakes and ponds in the winter. They are quiet but awake. One type of fish that does hibernate is the carp. He uses his tail to cover himself with mud from the bottom of the pond. There he sleeps the winter away.

Most birds migrate to warmer climates during the cold winter season. Some fly in large formations and fly for great distances to get to their winter vacation homes. The North American poorwill hibernates in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains. Finding a place nestled in the rocks poorwills are safe from the winter storms.Where do squirrels live in the winter?
I don't know, I'm sleeping.Where do squirrels live in the winter?
hollow trees
Normally in hollows in trees
Most likely in hollows in trees. But they probably go to other places to.
They migrate south for the winter.
They build nest in the trees. Just like birds do, but much bigger, and full of leaves for warmth. The next time your outside; just look up at a tree. The nest are very large.
don't they all go the the French Riviera? We do.
Squirrels live where they always, live in trees.
up north they mostly sleep inside hollow trees ,that is why they bury nuts to provide for the winter,

here in Mexico life goes on as usual all year around ,for the squirrels in my garden.
Theres plenty of them where I live (in Georgia).
The same place they live in the summer, they just spend more time in thier dens. If they are ground squirrels, they generally hibernate, if they are tree squirrels they usually scatter-hoard food and spend a cozy winter in thier drey eating the food and coming out for thier stashes on nice days.
They catch the bus to Squrrelton. Its like a holiday camp, but unfortunatley they are still segreagted into Red Squirrelton and Grey Squirrelton. They often shoot mini cannons which fire nuts at each other, thats why you see them them collecting nuts before they catch the bus.
In the holes in the trees they pack them full all fall with nuts and stuff. they munch out all winter.
in the same place they do in the summer, they dont migrate (sp) pretty much the same tree and nest as far as I know atleast for the ones here in Cleveland I call them red squirels or grey ones, Kim
In all the houses on my street. lol

If you look in the trees where the leaves have fallen off, you will see large wads of leaves and sticks in the branches, those are squirrel nests. I can see 3 squirrel nests from my house in different trees on my street. I live in a small town in Michigan.

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