Friday, May 14, 2010

Are squirrels part of the rat family?

No, they are classified under separate families, squirrels belong to 'sciuridae' rats belong to 'muridae'.

Sciuridae means 'shade-tail', and refers to the bushy appendage possessed by many of its members. It includes tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks,marmots etc. (All having this feature).

Muridae includes mice and rats, gerbils etc.Are squirrels part of the rat family?
Gray squrrel (Sciurus carolinensis) belongs to family Sciuridae and rats (Rattus norvegicus) belongs to family Muridae.

However, they are both in order of Rodentia (rodents) and fall into same suborder Sciurognathi. The group is characterized by a specific shape to the lower jaw.Are squirrels part of the rat family?
No. Both belong to the same order, Rodentia, but they're in different families - Sciuridae for squirrels and Muridae for rats.
They are a rodent and I would never kill a squirrel but stomp on rats.
no, they are not

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