Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are squirrels dangerous?

My mom always tells me that squirrels are dangerous, but they don't appear to be dangerous to me. Is she just crazy?Are squirrels dangerous?
No your mom is not crazy. Squirrels are wild animals, and like any wild animal can be unpredictable and dangerous. They can also carry rabies.Are squirrels dangerous?
Totally! We are thousands of times more dangerous to them than they are to us!!

Is your mom afraid of squirrels? If she is, next time she asks you to do something, tell her, ';I'd rather jump out of a tenth-story plate-glass window being chased by rabid, chainsaw-of-doom-wielding squirrels.'; That should freak her out.
if you catch one wether its in a trap or w.e and try to grab it, they can be very mean, i know a lady whos pet squirell went crazy on her and sent her to the ER but ne ways in the wild you probably wont get a chance to get close enough to them to get hurt bc they are quick to run up the tree
Squirrels are cute- But even the 'tamer' ones are wild creatures. They have those long strong claws for climbing, and strong jaws and sharp teeth for cracking open nuts. A squirrel that is frightened or has rabies for instance is very dangerous.
They can be.

Although the ones in Valentines Park are hilarious and fat :D They're trained to come up to you and stuff. Really cute. ^_^

But yeah, wild ones are dangerous -_-
Catch one and see if it doesn't take your finger off!

No lie, it happened to my husband's uncle in Missouri when he was around 9 years old.
i know theres a squirrels in asia that can take down a cobra and hold em down.
Depends if the squirrel is wild, than yes. But If a pet squirrel,

than probably.
your mom not crazy but she care you, yeah wild squirrels are dangerous, it bite
Very! don't feed them, They will attack and can have rabies.

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