Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Do Squirrels make weird noises?

I have heard squirrels make chucks ( little clicks) and another that sounds like little chirps especially when here are two in the tree chasing each other. Maybe danger or playing is what I think the sounds are.

Not sure, I don't speak squirrel.Why Do Squirrels make weird noises?
To my certain knowledge squirrels make many noises that are inaudible to the human ear. A frequency re modulator processed tape recording of squirrels noises will astound you

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Why Do Squirrels make weird noises?
they're wondering the same thing about you. poor little squirrels....
The squirrel's noise probably isn't weird to other squirrels. He probably thinks YOU make the weird noise.
Why do you make wierd noises?
you would too if you ate nothing but nuts
They don't. They are speaking their own language but humans are too ';thick'; to understand them. They are probably mocking you out.
Squirrels do this to warn you that you are too close to them or to try to scare you away.
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