Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where do squirrels hide their nuts?

In midden piles. Squirrels will bury large volumes of acorns, hickory nuts and walnuts underground or under a pile of leaves and forest floor litter, creating a cool, moist storage facility which they can use during the winter.

Link below refers to red squirrels, but the behavior is true for gray squirrels, too.Where do squirrels hide their nuts?
They bury them, usually close to the base of the tree where they have their little squirrel nesting place at. They tend to forget where they bury a good deal of them.Where do squirrels hide their nuts?
All over! Mostly they bury them, but I have watched squirrels take pecans from the tree in my yard and hide the pecans in my birdbath, under the propane tank, in a hollow of a tree in the woods behind me, all over the place.
in the ground
Between their legs.
Depends, wat kind?
Apparently in my backyard...cause thats where they are fed by my family
In their pants. oops, was that out loud?

I think they store them in their nests, trees, and I think I saw a show on tv that said they bury them underground.
they hide where ever they live weather inside a tree, some where in your back yard, or in your house, or in your basement( you should check your basement :-P).
in their scrotums.
thats,,,cute,,,look for post-its,,, i saw on television they use post-its to keep trak of where they hide thier nuts and goodies,,,
They keep them in a sac.
in there cheeks!
they hide them were you cant find them

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