Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why did squirrels drown in swimmin pool?

we recently came home to find 2 dead squirrels in our pool. the pool is 3ft. deep by 5ft. round. we do have a big tree with lots of branches over top of the pool%26gt; but are squirrels not good climbers? they jump from branch to branch all the time.could they not have been able to scratch there way out, as it is not that deep? and why 2 of them? was one going to save the other? it seems a little strange to have 2 dead drowned squirrels!!!!!Why did squirrels drown in swimmin pool?
They want water and like to play but they are used to ponds and streams where there is always an easy access to get out.

They don't realize the pool has sides like it does until it is too late.

One way to prevents this squirrel tragedy from repeating itself would be to do what my family does with their pool.

We actually built a miniature wood sail boat with a tiny mast and everything. The mast keeps it from goinf into the filter.

Animals climb up on the sailboat and float around until we can come home and get the net to save their furry little butts.

It also saves frogs, snakes and just about anything else that has found its way into our pool.

You can also just buy a toy boat but make sure its at least big enough for a couple squrirrels!

(Once, we came home and found a frog on the aft end, a mouse on the focsile and a small snake wrapped around the mast. They were glad to see us!)Why did squirrels drown in swimmin pool?
I too have had drowned squirrels, but in my pond. I personally think they cant climb the slick sides. We put a plastic shelf-';squirrel ladder'; in and had no more drownings.
Squirrels fall out of trees quite often. The sides of the pool were too slippery to get out. Try putting something on the edge dangling in the pool for them to climb out on.
Poor things I love squirrels but they can't fly once in a while they fall. Sounds like they may have been fighting and fell, I do not know for sure.
Their feet/claws aren't designed to cling to the plastic or metal that your pool is made out of. I'm sure they tried to climb out but just kept sliding back, gravity being what it is. Eventually they become exhausted and drown. Had a tree branch actually hung a little INTO the water, they would have gotten out.
maybe they were too full of nuts? kidding.

as good as they are, they fall, too! they must have been playing or something when they fell... poor things..

even if they did reach the side, there probably wasn't anything for them to hold on to, and the sides must be too smooth for them! so if they couldn't hold on to the sides, they struggle. struggling makes you sink faster.. (and drown faster too.)

squirrels aren't strong enough to scratch the tiles of your pool, anyway (i think.). and three feet may be shallow for us, but it sure is deep for little guys like them.

don't worry, though, they're probably chasing each other in squirrel heaven now.
I guess the sides of the pool were too smoothe for them to get a grip; and the second one probably did go in to help the first, sad isnt it? If you were to leave a thick piece of rope hanging over into the water, they can climb out on it.
Most probably they try to see who is a better diver.

But end up both death in the poor.
Squirrels are good climbers and jumpers, but there was nothing in your pool for them to get a grip upon. The sides are straight up and down and slick.

As for why there are two dead squirrels, perhaps they were chasing each other or playing and fell together.

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